There is water everywhere, so why not jump into one of our kayaks and discover this beautiful city of Gdansk and surroundings from the water? Kayaking in the city is a must for any visitor to Gdansk!


What is so special about kayaking in Gdansk?

Kayaking in Gdansk is the best way to skip city crowds and experience Gdansk by the water. Join one of our tours and have fun while visiting Gdansk by kayak. Many tourists take ferry rides, but kayak tour allows you to explore the city most don’t see. Especially that the unique location of Gdansk made it closely related to water. Our tours are mostly paddling canals in the city through the river Motlawa around two islands of Gdansk: Granary Island and Olowianka Island.

Gdansk’s highlights by kayak

Along the way you will have unique chance to see some of most important Gdansk’s highlights by kayak. Among others: Crane (Żuraw), Soldek Ship, Granary Island, Olowianka Island, Olowianka Footbridge, Radunia Canal, Motlawa River Embankment, The Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Gdansk Shipyard and Dead Vistula or Stone Lock and Old city moat depending on the water and wind conditions.

Unique location at the waterways

Gdansk is quite uniquely located at the crossroads of sea and river routes, waterways of the Vistula river at the Baltic estuary, as well as the Radunia and Motlawa rivers. This had a significant impact on the city’s development. The daily living as shown in literature and drawings proves that water was the important element of the city’s life. It is important today to show Gdansk through its relation to water.

Is this kayak tour for me?

Most of our kayaking tours are suitable for beginner kayakers. We provide stable double kayaks and the technique is easy to learn. Our pace depends on the group, but we generally take our time. You should be relatively fit and happy to spend 2-4 hours paddling (depending on chosen tour) to keep up with the group. Groups and private tours are available on request. Feel warmly welcome to book ahead.


Your safety is our priority. As partners of Wear It Poland – the organization with which we cooperate – we promote and share knowledge about importance of wearing life vests while doing water sports. During the trip, we provide life vests for each participant, also life jackets for children. While on the water we keep together as a group. This is very important, because in several places we pass through waterways with other vessels.

Let's meet in The Imperial Shipyard

Most of our kayak tours in Gdansk begin and end at the same point which is located in very unique, shipyard area of Gdansk. The Imperial Shipyard is the oldest part of the Gdansk Shipyard and the cradle of Solidarity. This area was not available for people for more than 170 years. We are happy that we can meet with you in this unique space.

Before or after kayak tour we encourage you to take a walk through Imperial Shipyard Route. Stroll around the oldest part of the Gdansk Shipyard. See the industrial heritage and discover the fascinating history of the place where the spirit of Solidarity was born. Walk in the footsteps of the shipyard workers and find out how the Polish road to freedom began. Learn about life at the shipyard and the impressive maritime production.

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